Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, based in York, UK announces the launch of its -20°C ORCA system.

The highest performing system in Intelsius’ product portfolio can now keep shipments frozen, while in transit, without the use of dry ice.

The -20°C ORCA systems are tested and qualified against the ISTA 7D Hot temperature profile and can provide up to 74 hours of thermal protection below -20°C and over 166 hours below 0°C.

Commenting on the launch of the range, Intelsius’ Product Manager, David Johnson said: “The launch of the -20°C ORCA completes the core temperature ranges which the market is asking for. Using our proprietary PCM blend our customers can now be confident that no matter what they’re shipping, they can rely on ORCA to protect their shipment against extreme temperatures.

“What’s great about the ORCA system is that customers can streamline their operations by owning one system and three different sets of bottles, allowing them to ship any temperature range in confidence. With all systems qualified to the same profile they can be used on the same transit lanes without the need for further operational qualification.”

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