2018 marks a big year for Intelsius as we reach our 20th anniversary. This year we celebrate two decades of successfully delivering environmentally conscious and regulatory compliant temperature controlled and sample transport packaging solutions.

From our incorporation as DGP Group in 1998 when we developed a unique packaging solution designed for the transportation of samples containing the BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalitis, or “Mad Cow Disease”) prion, our experience and offering has since grown on an exponential level.

During this eventful 20 year period, which included a rebrand introducing the name Intelsius, we are pleased to have seen company expansion on a global scale through the dedicated work of a great team with growing expertise throughout multiple departments.

Developing internationally with locations in Europe, Asia and America we have also emerged as an environmental market leader. We endeavor to commit to sustainable practices through all aspects of the business, and continue to create and innovate through our sustainable range of high performance green products.

These include products from our hugely successful Sample Transport brands such as BioTherm and PathoPak, as well as our Temperature Controlled ORCA range. We have recently introduced the new single use ORCA S to the market place which has been successfully received due to its numerous benefits over traditional water and EPS products.

Intelsius has continued to push the envelope, developing unique technological services in the temperature-controlled packaging industry. Among these is our ATMOS™ testing suite which allows our clients to forgo much of the time-consuming and expensive test-chamber process generally required when testing temperature controlled packaging solutions.

In another exciting development Intelsius is now opening a new German site to offer consumers an ‘Intelsius Fulfilment Service’. This will enable the fast and simplistic purchase of pre-conditioned single-use packaging and the easy rental of multi-use solutions leading to even greater flexibility for our customers.

Our success is a testament to our hard-working team and the continued support of our customers and we look forward to the future as we continue to Protect life’s most precious cargo.

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