The annual Temperature Controlled Logistics conference begins on the 29th of January at Twickenham Stadium, London. The conference, now in its 18th year provides a fantastic opportunity for experts from the life sciences industry to come together and share their knowledge on end to end temperature controlled logistics. Intelsius will be attending for their fifteenth year as they showcase the new ORCA MX systems.

ORCA MX is a high performance passive temperature controlled transport packaging range designed with full integration capability for real-time tracking. ORCA MX allows for the usage of various tracking solutions for your temperature critical payloads. Not bound by a specific hardware ORCA MX provides the freedom to utilise the optimum tracking solution for your requirements, ensuring you are always connected.

The Temperature Controlled Logistics conference is the first conference where the ORCA MX will be presented.  The new system will support the overall Intelsius stand theme of high quality, connected packaging solutions. Visit Intelsius at stand 32 to see the new products and discuss how they can contribute to solving your greatest logistical challenges within the transportation and delivery of temperature critical payloads.

Also showcased at the event is the latest Intelsius project in biobased greener packaging solutions. This project saw Intelsius develop a packaging solution optimised for the drone delivery of temperature sensitive children’s vaccines to the isolated island of Vanuatu. The Unicef supported project sees the paired use of a Wingcopter drone and Intelsius streamlined packing solution to quickly deliver vaccines to remote areas of the island not easily accessible by other means. This ensures the Vaccines can be delivered quickly and in perfect condition for administration. Intelsius are proud to showcase this solution at the event, providing delegates an insight into the real world applications and importance of effective temperature controlled packaging solutions supported by advanced modern technology.

To ensure you stay informed about all the latest developments regarding the ORCA MX systems, Wingcopter project and updates on the conference follow Intelsius on LinkedIn, Twitter or by signing up to the mailing list located on the home page. Furthermore if you are attending TCL 2019 remember to visit stand 32 to gain an insight into all the new projects, kicking off what is expected to be an exciting year for DGP Intelsius



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