Intelsius Launches the ORCA 55L

Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, based in York, UK is launching the highly anticipated ORCA 55L.

A new addition to the ORCA range, the ORCA 55L continues Intelsius’ line of high performance solutions. The system provides over 120 hours of superior thermal protection for 2-8°C, 15-25°C, 20-24°C, -20°C payloads, as well as deep frozen temperature cargo.

ORCA 55L systems keep patient safety in mind. During transit, they are able to be used in 8 and 10 panel configurations, to either increase payload or performance dependent on temperature requirements. Other notable features and benefits include easy fridge placement when experiencing unplanned delays, reductions in volumetric weight and universal pack out making it easy to use without risk or error.

By utilising advanced Phase Change Materials (PCM) and Vacuum Insulation Panels, the ORCA 55L, as well as the ORCA range enable unparalleled optimum performance ensuring “life’s most precious cargo” is always maintained and at the forefront of any challenge.

The launch coincides with Intelsius’ attendance at Temperature Controlled Logistics 2017. The ORCA 55L will be showcased, among other successful products such as the BioTherm Extreme 6 and the +22°C PCM ORCA. Hosted at London’s ExCel in January and February, Intelsius will unveil the ORCA 55L product to over 500 industry experts and pharma pioneers at the meet.

Commenting on the latest product release, Intelsius Technical Services Manager Neil Sherman, said: “Product development is key to how Intelsius works and innovates. We are particularly pleased to introduce the ORCA 55L to the life science transport industry.

“An exciting newcomer to our leading ORCA range, the product will allow for thermal protection at even more temperatures, and we look forward to seeing how it will transform and fulfil packing needs globally.”

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