Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, based in York, UK has launched an innovative new certification process, which will help increase profit and reduce operational costs within the pharmaceutical industry.

The Intelsius Qualified Partner (IQP) accreditation addresses the issues of asset management and quality, which concern some shippers regarding temperature control packaging re-use.

“While some temperature-controlled packaging solutions are developed for multi-use, the reality is that they are not always used to their full potential and are sometimes only used once,” says Steve Healy, Intelsius’ Global Director of Sales. “In the current marketplace, the main obstacles that have prevented the re-use of reusable temperature-controlled packaging are the cost and challenges associated with getting the packaging returned, as well as ensuring its refurbishment and performance once it has been used.

“Whilst Intelsius’ ORCA range already delivers significant savings over long haul shipments due to greatly reduced volumetric weight versus payload capacity, reusing it can further reduce spend on packaging as it becomes a logistics asset rather than a consumable item. Furthermore, this also creates a more sustainable solution, allowing customers to reduce their waste output.”

IQP accreditation aims to create a dedicated central operational group of IQP certified logistics specialists. Service providers will be furnished with the management tools, knowledge and robust industry recognised Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) so they can gain Intelsius Qualified Partner (IQP) certification.

Intelsius is engaging with couriers, integrators and logistics service providers who have the industry knowledge and resource to manage an inventory of ORCA shippers. End users will be able to select service providers, listed on the IQP website, safe in the knowledge that they offer a solution that gives superior thermal performance within a quality management system.

“Ultimately, IQP accreditation is reversing the traditional purchasing method, it will save customers time and money having to separately source a logistics provider and product solution and enable them to achieve peace-of-mind and multi-use shipper benefits without increasing their level of investment,” Steve concludes.

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