Intelsius Introduces ATMOS™ Version 1.4 to Help Accelerate the Development of Cold Chain Shipping Systems

(YORK, United Kingdom) – Intelsius, a global manufacturer and distributor of environmentally safe, temperature-controlled and regulatory-compliant packaging solutions, has launched version 1.4 of its proprietary Analytical Thermal Modeling Software ATMOS™. The system calculates the thermal performance of a temperature controlled packaging system prior to a formal performance-qualification process, thereby reducing timelines and cost when developing packaging systems.

ATMOS was developed in collaboration with a leading UK research university and uses semi-empirical numerical modeling methods and experimental baseline data to calculate the thermal performance of a packaging system. In addition to incorporating standard temperature profiles from the International Safe Transit Association (ISTA), this highly efficient software has the capability to import up to 4,000 individual data points from a temperature data logger.

ATMOS emulates the packaging’s response to external temperatures and generates reports that pinpoint if and when the packaging system will fail or be at risk of failure. The software allows for true modeling analysis of any global route with an accuracy rate within 90+ percent of failure time.

“This new version of ATMOS will help save our clients time and money as the software allows for quicker analysis than standard thermal modeling programs on the market today. Furthermore, ATMOS is equivalent to running 30 test chambers thereby eliminating the need for extensive chamber testing, which lessens the impact our operation has on the environment,” said David Walsh, Founder and CEO of Intelsius.

Compared to existing thermal modeling software that use a finite element analysis, ATMOS is simpler to operate, which reduces the risk for error and allows for expedient analysis. The software uses components from a preset list of items, including systems and cool packs. This allows ATMOS to assemble a thermal model of a specific shipping system with only a limited amount of input. As a result, ATMOS can reduce development times by up to 70 percent with the ability to complete an analysis and generate a full predictive model in less than three hours. Environmental test chambers, by comparison, often require weeks to reach the same result.

Dr. Alex Roskoss, Ph.D., MPhys., and Global Product Development Manager at Intelsius, was instrumental in developing ATMOS and believes the system is the next step in advanced thermal modeling.

“Through years of extensive development, ATMOS is able to accurately predict the optimal system configuration for cold chain systems in hours rather than days. ATMOS’ true modeling capabilities and ability to handle massive amounts of information reduces the need for physical prototypes and extensive chamber testing, thereby shortening development times in the highly competitive life sciences industry.”

The new version of ATMOS has also been designed to incorporate Intelsius’ latest shipping solution Orcatherm™. Orcatherm is a passive temperature-controlled shipping system that has been engineered to ensure optimal thermal protection for high-value shipments during distribution within challenging environments.

Orcatherm is completely reusable and uniquely designed with encapsulated Vacuum Insulated Panels (VIPs), which produces up to seven times the insulating effects as the same thickness of less eco-friendly materials.

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