Emma Phillips

Each member of the team, both individually and as a cohort, largely contributes to Intelsius’ success. Emma Phillips, our Internal Sales Supervisor understands teamwork particularly well – we catch up with her to discuss her time at the company.

  1. What are your day-to-day responsibilities?

In a nutshell, my position as the Internal Sales Supervisor ensures my team have the tools and support to be successful within their work. I work closely with the external sales team in building solid relationships with existing accounts, and assisting in the development of new business.

  1. What skills/experience do you bring to Intelsius from your previous roles?

Training and managing customer expectations are probably two of my best skills and dealing with multiple agencies from diverse range of business environments has taught me some valuable skills over the years.  All of which have helped me in my current position dealing with high level customer enquiries and staff development overall.

These skills have enabled me to keep calm under pressure, ensuring that the team is well equipped to excel at their job, meaning that they also exceed customer expectations wherever possible.

  1. Can you identify any observations from your recent months at Intelsius?

Intelsius as a company is growing and developing at a rapid rate, especially in response to recent industry changes. To coincide with this expansion, it’s also making sure that I’m improving our customer experience all round.

An ongoing project of mine is to support the team’s overall development. This time of the year often generates new opportunities with key accounts so it’s a busy time all round.

  1. Any initial achievements?

Contributing to year-on-year sales growth, meeting and exceeding some tough targets, as well as successfully growing the internal sales team within the company.

  1. What are your objectives for the rest of the year?

Perhaps the most important to make comment on is that I aim to continue to nurture the Internal team and ensure every one customer we speak to as team comes away with a positive outcome, allowing Intelsius further growth in the market.


Quick-fire Facts:

Favourite Colour: Yellow

Loves: Walks with my dogs…or anyone else’s for that matter!

Hates: When I run out of odd socks.

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