Here’s how we made the announcement through a news release.  The first one Intelsius has ever released in a language other than English.

Steve Healy Introduces ORCA 2.0 to Inprous customers at the event held in the Antigua Bodega San Blas

Madrid, España – Intelsius, una empresa de DGP diseñadora, fabricante y distribuidora de soluciones de envasado con control de temperatura con sede en York (Reino Unido), ha firmado un contrato de distribución con Inprous. El anuncio tuvo lugar durante la presentación de Cold Chain Solutions por parte de Inprous y de los representantes de Intelsius. El contrato amplía a España, Portugal y Andorra la distribución de los productos de Intelsius por medio de Inprous.

Here’s the version in English:

Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging solutions based in York, UK signed a distributor agreement with Inprous.  The announcement was made at the Cold Chain Solutions presentation by Inprous and representatives from Intelsius.  The agreement extends Intelsius products through Inprous to Spain, Portugal and Andorra.

We weren’t sure what to expect when Inprous suggested they host an event and invite their clients to whom the ORCA 2.0 would be of interest.  Inprous asked us to supply them with a banner to display as well as all three sizes of ORCA 2.0.  They were shipped from our office in York, UK and were in Madrid when Steve Healy, global director of sales, and I arrived on June 5th.

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