Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, based in York, UK is delighted to announce the extension of its successful partnership with Inprous.

Inprous is Intelsius’ exclusive distributor of products in Spain, Portugal and Andorra. This partnership has been successful in delivering high performance products, innovative logistic solutions and professional services to the life sciences markets.

“The extension of our partnership with Inprous is in recognition of an extremely successful year of business in assuring a safe and secure cold chain solution in the life sciences sector,” said Steve Healy, Intelsius’ Global Director of Sales. “Intesius considers itself a leader in innovation and is constantly striving to develop long-lasting partnerships that will help benefit the industry. Inprous’ experience in delivering quality full service solutions to meet the needs of today’s markets in European territories enables us to reach our goal of protecting the industry’s valuable pharmaceutical payloads, through high performance and cost-effective solutions to ensure patent safety.”

Victor Camacho, Partner, Inprous, said: “Maintaining the integrity of high value pharmaceutical products during transportation and distribution is both demanding and complex, especially as Spain experiences some of the most diverse weather conditions in Europe.

“Intelsius’ ORCA shipping systems help us provide cost-effective, high performance solutions for our clients and we are delighted to be continuing with our strategic partnership with Intelsius.”

The ORCA 2.1 line is a high performance range of solutions that provides up to 170 plus hours of superior thermal protection for high value, temperature sensitive payloads. The entire ORCA 2.0 range is ATMOS™ (Analytical Thermal Modeling Software) enabled allowing quick risk assessment for the suitability of ORCA on routes around the world. The range utilises advanced Plantol™ Phase Change Material (PCM) that allows the ORCA 2.1 solutions extended duration in both extreme hot and cold environments with simple pre-conditioning.

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