Intelsius, a DGP company, a designer, manufacturer and distributor of temperature-controlled packaging solutions, based in York, has extended its ORCA range, with the introduction of its +22°C Plantol PCM.

The +22°C Plantol PCM is the company’s latest addition to its proprietary range of Phase Change Materials and is manufactured specifically to the temperature range 20-24°C for the transportation of whole blood products.

With the now greater need for more complex shipping systems the +22°C Plantol provides an extended solution to the ORCA range, providing exemplary performance as an ambient PCM in hot conditions over 144 hours against ISTA 7D, for every sized ORCA.

Technical Services Manager Neil Sherman commented: “The addition of this PCM means that ORCA is now even more adaptable to meet our client’s exact requirements. The introduction of +22°C Plantol demonstrates Intelsius’ commitment to innovation and meeting the greater complexity of today’s global shipping requirements.”

Intelsius’ PlantolTM range of PCMs are non-toxic and non-fossil fuel derived and have been designed for exceptional performance with minimal environmental impact.

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